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Focus on the solution

Born from the experience of a group of professionals driven by the desire to combine their experience in a synergy aimed at providing a complete and effective service to the customer.

Easy Consulting aims at supporting companies with professionalism in order to address issues related to the compliance with the main laws, standards and applicable legislative requirements.

To achieve our professional goals, we have established a team of consultants with proven skills in the areas of intervention, able to operate throughout the national territory.

We know big business and the approach of multinationals, but we have grown within small and medium-sized companies, so we understand the needs of administrators and managers: optimising resources to achieve, in a short time and without structural imbalances, the proposed results.

Easy Consulting S.r.l. has a flexible and dynamic structure and carries out consultancy and training activities mainly in the areas of corporate management; it serves both the most structured multinational companies and SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises – as well as Local Public Authorities.

We are specialised in integrated systems, with particular attention in recent years to data protection and Business Continuity, an increasingly popular topic for the corporate world.

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