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Easy Consulting

Charter of values

Easy Consulting’s corporate governance system is aimed at promoting an idea, a value, a theme of general interest, recognizing Corporate Social Responsibility as its strategic component.

This approach is the core of the specific skills of our professional offer.

Easy Consulting was founded and developed around the recognition of professional and ethical values common to all its consultants, who are committed to signing our Charter of Values and observing principles and rules of seriousness and transparency with respect to all its stakeholders.

Excellence in professionalism

Quality is a factor that characterizes us and constantly distinguishes us from all our competitors.

The positioning of Easy Consulting in the consulting market is based on our ability to achieve excellence in the relationship and implementation of our services.

Our best skills are at the service of the companies and organizations we work with.

Our team is made up of people whose characteristics are empathy and partnership with the client, determination to reach the objectives, ability to act and flexibility for operating in dynamic contexts.

Efficiency and effectiveness

We believe in communication as a tool to promote greater awareness and sharing business strategies: our skills stem from experience, strategic and creative ability, constant updating and are at the service of the people and entities for which we work and commit ourselves everyday.

The customer is the main focus of our activity and the reference point of our consulting system, to whom we want to ensure an efficient and quality customized service, in order to build an honest and lasting relationship.

Our management is asked to act with flexibility, competence, authority and team spirit, promoting quality performance and achievement of results.

We intend to leverage all new forms of partnership and alliance that promote the achievement of our objectives.

Responsibility and sustainability

We are aware that our actions have a strong impact on the companies we work with, on their choices and their future. Sustainability is the basis of our proposals and is the yardstick with which we measure the effectiveness of the solutions we design for our customers.

Transparency and fairness

In every relationship – with collaborators, customers, suppliers, media, competitors – we commit ourselves to respect the rules of loyalty, transparency and ethics.

Code of Ethics

In all relationships with employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers, the rules of loyalty, transparency and ethics will be respected: fairness is assumed as a fundamental value also with competitors: competition is based on excellence and specific skills. Our customers can count on a company characterized by a strong and growing social commitment: each of our activities is oriented to the implementation of the company’s mission to meet the expectations of employees shareholders and customers.

In particular, our consultants are required to:

  • Respect everyone’s personality and dignity.
  • Prevent discrimination
  • Define roles, responsibilities, delegations and availability of information to enable everyone to take decisions that are in the interest of the company.
  • Value an innovative spirit, while respecting the limits of each person’s responsibilities.
  • Adopt a clear, precise and truthful internal communication on the company’s policies and strategies.
  • Make a correct and confidential use of personal data.
  • Ensure workplaces that are safe and healthy for those who use them.